I'm Steph, I'm currently 27 and grew up in Gippsland, Victoria. I do all of the embroidery, write all the instructions, manage our social media and adore running this small business.
How did this all start? My sister and I grew up doing cross stitch kits, sewing cute outfits for our beanie kids, and loving all things arts and crafts.
Despite this, I found myself in my adult life with absolutely no creative outlet. As an Engineering student, while living in Berlin during 2019 I attended drawing and painting workshops, however my 'mechanical mind' felt overwhelmed at my lack of artistic skill and it was frustrating more than enjoyable. 
I fell in love with embroidery during lockdown in 2020. A craft with just enough structure and technique to satisfy my technical mind, but with so much freedom. I wanted to share this craft with others who might feel stuck like I did, and here we are now almost 3 years later! 
I believe creativity and art is for everyone (even those who consider themselves more mechanically minded like I always did), and hope our kits can introduce this to as many people as possible. 
Steph xx