About Us

I'm Steph, I'm currently 24 and grew up in Gippsland, Victoria. I do all of the embroidery, write all the instructions, manage our social media and have eyes on everything in between. I am a full time student at Monash University, studying Mechanical Engineering and Science.

My business partner and boyfriend Joaquim takes care of everything I can't. He is from Ireland and we met while we were both working as Engineers in Berlin.

Pictured above - us in Belfast at my first Rugby match - 2019!

I felt like my life was lacking a creative outlet, and unlike my sister who is an amazing artist, painting and drawing were never really for me. I fell in love with embroidery last year during lockdown, and now here we are! 

We believe creativity and art is for everyone (even if you consider yourself more mechanically minded like I always did), and hope our kits can introduce this to as many people as possible.  

Yes, as I mentioned before my sister Chloe is an incredible artist, and yes, I still can't draw very well. She helps me choose colours and sketches all of our designs. She has a degree in Fine Arts and is currently living the dream travelling around Australia!

Check out her art on instagram @khalohe

We would love to see your embroidered masterpieces! Please tag us on instagram @stitchedupkits or send a photo to our email customersupport@stitchedupkits.com

Stitched Up Kits xx